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Hands Up! That’s all I had to say.

My brother Manu made me practice it a hundred times. Or was it a thousand times? I can’t count. What do I know? Manu says I’m a simpleton. Papa called me an idiot. I remember his last words just before he died.

A chocolate birthday cake with lighted candles on top
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Every wish he had ever made had come true. He could be lying, but it served him no purpose. Eleven birthdays together, eleven beautiful cakes, eleven selfish wishes. Eleven reasons for me to believe that it wouldn’t be any different the twelfth time. But something was different. He hardly resembled…

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I’m a man of many mistakes. Some small, some so vile that I struggle to hide in their indecent shadows. I was born just like you. What’s that word? Yeah, innocent. I hate that word. It’s the biggest sham on this planet. A distraction from man’s basic nature.

Man is…

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‘I don’t know them…’

‘Raj. Look at me. I’m Tina, your wife.’

‘Yeah, Dad. This is Mom and I’m Monty, your son.’

‘Raj, are you sure you don’t recognize your wife and son? No recollection?’

‘Uhhh, I have no idea, doctor. I’ve never seen them before.’

‘He’s lying. Raj, you’re…

She would never be the same again.

A pair of hands climbing out of water and clinging to dry grass. Image for Flash Fiction Story, Death Completes Me
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I was four when I died for the first time. The village pond had beckoned me into its brown waters, promising me a gallant win in a game of hide-and-seek. I held my breath, only a fool wouldn’t have, before slipping into a murky slumber. They found me floating like…

A man staring intently.
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Ten fingers, ten toes, twenty reasons to avoid his gaze. I counted them with care, assuming he would tire and leave me to my eccentricities. But he waited, a wolfish greed gleaming in his eyes, marking its territory upon me. I was nothing yet everything, another half-pretty face cast away…

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An Ideal life…An Ideal partner…An Ideal child…An Ideal job…

All of us have grown up in a Real world with Real people and Real emotions.

Yet how many of us have been fed Ideal stories, shown Ideal scenarios, and pushed to follow an Ideal path?


Ideal is really an ideal word in itself.

Perfect, supreme, flawless…

Terveen Gill

Terveen is an author, editor, filmmaker. Fiction is her forte. From the plains of science to the shores of writing, she journeys on. Check out terveengill.com

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